As a Vocalist I have been working in Studio settings starting from the age of 13, therefore a recording studio feels like a second home to me. I provide lead and backing vocals for Film music and CD productions, recording in my home studio or in professional Studios. Singing a variety of styles, World music, Gospel, Soul, Pop and Rock music are amongst my favorites.

Below you can find examples of collaborations I did in the past. Some of the vocals presented here I recorded in my home studio. Others were recorded in Studios in Germany, Austria, and the UK.

CD Productions

  • Shadow Icon - Smoke&Mirrors (2014) (Backing vocals)
  • Ivan Iusco WATER (2012) Lead Vocals/Lyrics
  • AKA AKA and Thalstroem Album Variete (2011) Lead Vocals/lyrics
  • Apus 2010 (Lead Vocals, Music and Lyrics) with Producer Thomas Geiger
  • Someone stole my christmas tree with Sir Oliver Mally & Raphael Wressnig (2009)
  • Attack feat. Billie-D Rock’n Jazz (2006) (Lead Vocals Music and Lyrics)
  • Pop Vox Live (2003) Lead Vocals
  • Tough Touch - First touch (2002) Lead Vocals

Film music

Bergfilmfestival Salzburg Aurora Borealis

Music Kurt Adametz, Fotography/Film Josef Friedhuber

Vocals Betty Lenard.

Wettlauf zum Südpol (TV-Documentary ORF/ARD)

Music by Kurt Adametz, Vocals Betty Lenard

Collaboration with Producer Ivan Iusco (Italy)

Collaboration with Producer Gerd Schuller (Austria)

More videos

Afterglow aka aka and Thalstroem feat. Betty Lenard (Album Variete)

Wizard (by Betty Lenard)

Pop Vox feat. Billie-D (former artist name) Live in Concert 2003

Children’s music

Häschen in der Grube

Auf der Mauer