As a vocal coach, my main goal is to support you in finding out how you can best use your voice as a tool for expression. I take a holistic view and approach to vocal work. It is my belief that the voice is an integral part of our body and our body’s expression. It is influenced by our emotional state and is a direct reflection of our personality.

Singing and working with the voice stimulates a sense of self, promotes confidence and strengthens the ability to express feelings.

I have experience with and enjoy working with a vast range of individuals who are at different stages of their vocal development. Whether you are singing in front of someone for the first time and need help conquering that step, or whether you are a professional singer looking to expand and develop your vocal techniques. Anyone at any level is welcome to sessions that are designed specifically to suit your needs. Below are just a few examples of what we can work during our sessions together.


As a way to access your voice and feelings.

I play simple chords on the piano and we sing together or you sing on your own, making sounds and using words or phrases. When we improvise, we are listening to our voice and allowing feelings to emerge and be expressed. This is how we learn to feel our voice and what it has to say to us in that moment. In this way, the body and one’s self-awareness are trained and developed. Free singing through improvisation enables us to find an inner stability and to learn to rely on our voice. It also trains our hearing. Sometimes, you may encounter tension while improvising. In this case, it is definitely valuable to get involved, as this investigation can allow us to discover the causes of certain blockages, because often they are buried deep within the body. The relaxed improvisation where “it’s about nothing” can be very helpful in releasing this tension.

In order to support and promote your voice, we use breathing technique exercises and embodiment exercises. We can also work out songs from world music as well as from pop, rock, jazz and gospel together.

Imitation as a guide

Here, we work on analyzing different sound qualities and integrating them into your sound repertoire as expressions (for those who like to experiment). How do I sound? How do I want to sound? What do I want to be able to express?


It is also possible for us to record a song in my studio as an option for feedback analysis.

Microphone technique/Session singing

Here, I work with you particularly for the studio setting. I’ll show you how to properly warm up and how to use highly sensitive microphones. I will also offer guidance on how to find the right microphone for you, both for live performance and in the studio, as well as how to prepare for a studio session and get it done “vocally and mentally” well.

Coaching for studio recordings

Here, I offer coaching to prepare you for professional studio recordings. This is also possible for CD recordings, where I can accompany you on site as a vocal coach.

Analysis of live performances

We can also analyze your performances as part of a session, going over your material together and highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement. Audio or video formats can serve as the starting material here.


1 Singing session (one-to-one) 50 Minutes 60 Euro
1 Song writing session 50 Minutes 60 Euro

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Betty and her studio in Passau